World of SolitaireDo you remember those good old games from old times on Windows 95? These games were completely free and they were coming by default on that OS, I loved playing them so much in my office, too bad on new systems they don’t release it. Anyway don’t worry, I have found amazing remake of one of those card games – World of Solitaire, it is free online card game and you can play it directly from your browser @

This is a completely free card game and the best part is – you don’t have to install anything, you just visit our site and play it online, simple as one, two, three. You can play it anywhere you want because the game is unblocked already; you can play it at your work office, at school, and anywhere else.

This web remake of a classic card game is pretty decent, graphics of the game are very colorful and they look awesome as well as sound, boy I love that sound when you flip a card in the game, just like old times, kind of brings memories and nostalgia back.

There are other versions of the game as well, they have a little bit different objective and different plot, if you are bored with the current mode of the game you can always play other versions of it.

With that being said you can now play the game itself and we would love to hear your opinion in comments section below, cheers.